Spreader bar lifting device calculations and design

hook blocks, hooks, slings, equalizer beams, and other parts of the lifting tackle. 2—Design of third-point loaded beam fixtures so that center of rotation is located on the surface of the specimen to minimize post-crack motion along axis of beam (left) and a conventional spreader beam design (right). Here's a simple sizing calculator for the most basic type of lifting lug. 20 & BTH-1: Lifting Beam Design. Lift the hooks upto container heyholes, lower the thimble. Variations in the design of the multi-lift spreader bar evolve over a period of time as rough concepts for the design and calculating the approximate material size , hook lifting device, the welds need to get magnetic particle inspection done. Lifting Beam & Spreader Bar Design: 6 Quickies for Rigging Engineers. FIG. excelcalcs. In order to design the lift points on a piece of equipment to be carried as an external . 59 Identification. Lifting beams, frames and spreaders are usually designed and built for a Lifting Equipment Engineers Association 2004 SI No. hi. com Southwest Wire Rope’s Engineering Services Department provides Engineered Lifting Devices, Lift Plans and Engineered Load Testing services under the leadership of a Professional Engineer on staff with experience in Heavy Lifting. HSSLB. 12 Attaching the lifting beam to the crane and load. 3. Lift the container to the appointed location. RICKER Lifting beams (also known as spreader beams) are used to . Our attention to detail is why our below-the-hook lifting devices can be found in mills, factories, scrap yards and warehouses across North America. DYNAMIC FACTOR When the movement of the precast unit is performed by lifting gear, dynamic forces that depend on the lifting gear used, appear. lifting devices are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest revision of ASME Spec. The lifting lug was analyzed manually as was done in the design of the lugs for the spreader bar. 0 Introduction. The verification is performed considering the reference "Design and Construction of Lifting Beams" David T. Some typical examples are: 1. All our 'H' shape Lifting beams are made to order and therefore the design and lifting capacity can be modified to suit your individual requirements. B30. Fixed Spreader Beam Model 30 - 2 to 40 ton In all Deflection in Beam calculations, I find no case where there is one support in the center and either an evenly distributed load along the full length or equally concentrated loads at each far end, simulating a spreader bar. Hawk Lifting specialise in the design and manufacture of a wide range of lifting equipment, including lifting and spreader beams, lifting frames, swing jib cranes, davits, mobile or fixed gantries, lifting grabs, runway beams and hooks. The lifting devices are also proof tested prior to shipment and are designed with a 3 element analysis, traditional analysis, calculations and material analysis. Spreader bars and lifting beams are very similar devices in common use in almost every industry. For instance, you should calculate the overall capacity of the beam  the design calculations in UNIGRAPHICS and Perform Structural analysis on the 3D or fabricated metal beam, suspended from a hoist/crane or from forks of a forklift, side, the load, the lifting beam or spreader and the slings which connect   4 days ago calculations when using spreader bars and other lifting devices. FESHM 5022 requires lifting fixture calculations to show A standard range of steel and aluminium lifting beams and lifting frames from 500kg to 10,000kg capacity. TSOC offers Short Span, Standard Duty, Basket Sling, Universal Lifting, Adjustable Lifting, Four Point Sack, Four Point Adjustable, and Adjustable Telescopic spreader beams for cranes. It involves both the basic metallurgy and the diameters of wires. Labelling is per ASME B30. A nameplate or other permanent marking must be on a spreader bar or specialized below-the-hook lifting device and display the When used on a crane, hoist or winch the Rated Capacity includes the weight of any attachments, spreader beams or lifting devices below the crane hook and is the maximum allowable lifting capacity of the crane, hoist or winch when the lift is a straight line pull. . Spreader Bar . See more ideas about Tools, Elevator and Garage hoist. RLT Engineering Solutions provides the design of load tests for rigging it designs or rigging manufactured by others. com - Spreader Bar Lifting Device Calculations and Design See more. • Ensure the load will Selecting the Correct Lifting Beam. 23. In general, a rope made of many wires will have greater fatigue resistance than a same-size rope made of fewer larger wires, because smaller wires have greater ability to bend as the rope passes over sheaves or around drums. Here at SafetyLiftinGear, we supply a comprehensive range of high-quality lifting equipment to suit all needs. Beams inside spreader bar Guide To Lifting Beams And Spreader Beams inside spreader bar design calculation with regard to Your This provision does not permit calculations to be used in place of proof testing. The ASME BTH-1 “Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices” provides two design categories, A and B, and five design classifications, 0 to 4. Mar 4, 2016 Spreader Bar Lifting Device Calculations and Design This location is for Registered Users Only. 25 Ton – Maximum Capacity *See Bar Chart* 12′ – 19′ Adjustable Length 700 lbs – Dry Weight **All Myshak Rigging comes complete with a Valid NDT Certification & Inspection. Ricker, PE, AISC Engineering Journal, Fourth Quarter/1991 and its updating to 2005 AISC Manual of Steel Construction (click here to download it). Spreader Bar Calculation - Free download as PDF File (. 1. 20 which specifies requirements for marking, inspection, construction and operation. 1. LEEA also state that “many designs are a hybrid of the two” and that often this equipment as a . Spreader Bars Quickly turn your one crane hook into a multi-point lifting tool with one of our many spreader bars. What others are saying www. Lifting Beams are available in many different sizes, capacities and types from Lift-It Manufacturing Company, Inc. As members of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, we fully comply with LEEA Guidance - The Verification of Spreader Beams, Lifting Beams and Lifting Frames - in the design, manufacture and testing of our lifting beams and spreaders. Choose from modular, adjustable and two-position spreader beams and fixed and adjustable fiberglass battery lifting beams. To Lifting Beams And SpreadersSpreader Beam Calculation New ImagesLifting Spreader Beam Calculation New ImagesSpreader Bar Lifting Device Calculations And DesignSpreader Bars Vs Lifting Beams Sparta EringA Review On Lifting Beams12 … Spreader Bar Lifting Device Calculations And Design. lifting beams. Perhaps you need to login or register. , LTD. Multi-Spread Beam - NEW SIZES! Model 20H - 1 to 40 ton capacities. 2. The analyses for the lug for this Lifting Spreader Bar & Adjustable Beam Lifts. pdf), Text File (. txt) or read ASME BTH-1-2011 Design of Below the Hook Lifting Devices Reduced. multiple coil handling applications during SM3 disassembly and VM assembly . Lifting beams (also known as spreader beams) are used to shows a lifting beam which has good versatility in location of to hoist objects which are of peculiar shape or have odd . Our product offerings provide reliable, heavy-duty, high-quality solutions to help your team be efficient and safe. Both of these devices have very similar functions; they allow a single crane to lift loads from multiple locations, to spread out the load and provide balance to the lift. Record weight and serial # of lifting on the sketch or photo. 4 Point Fixed Suspension Points Type Lifting Beam. Whether you are involved in a refinery plant turnaround, rebuilding a coal-fired generator at a power plant, or working in a coal mine far underground, renting equipment from Delta Rigging & Tools is your rigging rental solution. 8. 15. Fabricated Lifting Product www. Lifting beams and spreader bars have become an integral part of complex crane, rigging, and lifting activities. While in use in the OAB (Optics Assembly Building), the Spreader Bar Assembly will be manipulated by the NOID (New Optics Insertion Device RMH Systems is a leading distributor of overhead bridge cranes and lifting equipment. Proof Testing (unless otherwise specified on the Tandemloc drawings): A. We can also provide proof load testing to client’s new equipment andfollowing modification or repair Explore THE SHOPPES AT SANDY RUN's board "LIFTING DEVICES", followed by 197 people on Pinterest. Load tests can be designed using hydraulic jacking systems or using static weights lifted by a crane or by an alternative lifting device. bullivants. 3 Objectives and conditions Question: What is the minimum load (applied on a lifting device in whatever manner) from which we have to apply the load test procedure? Reply: Load testing of a Structural or Mechanical Lifting device is not a mandatory requirement. This is the very point where a crane lift or rigging plan software comes to your rescue. When designing a homemade lifting apparatus, the individual creating the apparatus – whether or not an engineer – must be able to back up the design of the device with design calculations. Safety & Training It is very important that you are properly trained when using this equipment. . Lifting Spreader Beam Calculation New Images. process. fabricates is the Liftmax® Spreader Bar. We also offer our own system of SectionLift modular spreader beams with capacities up to 3,000 tonnes and 32m span for sale or hire. Click on the link in our Resource Center below to get your FREE pocket-sized slide rule to assist you with on-the-spot calculations. Using the latest CAD design software all our products are designed to the highest engineering standards. Select products from our standard offering or we can design and manufacture a custom lifting device to fit your specific application from carbon, alloy, stainless, aluminum, or other specialty metals. There is no minimum rated load for which a load test is recommended to be performed. More than 1,500 lifting, rigging and height safety products available from Australia's leading supplier, All Lifting. In response, a large below-the-hook-lifting devices market has  Spreader Beam Calculation - Free download as PDF File (. The resulting factor of safety is beams by adding reinforcing or changing the lifting lugs. In need of an industrial fitting or chain sling? We have those too! A wide range of lifting and spreader beams available for various applications and weights. Spreader Bar Lifting Device Calculations and Design This location is for Registered Users Only. The combined weight of these items must be added to the total weight of the load, and the capacity of the hoisting equipment, including design safety factors, must be large enough to account for the extra load to be lifted. We can provide P. Lifting beams, spreaders and frames can be designed for general purpose or as bespoke beams for a specific use with a planned range of lifts. However, as stated above, in this exercise the beam Lifting beams and associated lines and equipment should will not  Spreader Bar Installation on 1-1/4-Ton Ambulance . The PEPC Spreader Bar Assembly consists of a spreader bar that will be attached to the PEPC Cell Housing or the Midplane Transportation Fixture during operation. calculating the load imposed on the crane hook. We can design, supply and install virtually any lifting beam, spreader beam, light crane, jib crane and runway system or we can manufacture to your designs. The officer responded to the question by saying that "it was an emergency". As a result, spreader beams are extremely efficient in their use of material, so they tend to be lighter, smaller and less costly to design and manufacture than lifting beams. When lifting and carrying precast elements, the lifting load has to be High-quality spreader beams from Grainger help lift uneven loads and keep them level for increased safety. "Materiel," as used in this design guide, means any and all equipment procured by the Army which could be carried as an externally suspended helicopter load. Configurable Spreader Beam Models Similar to the Liftmax® spreader bar, Liftmax® Lifting Beams are one of the most common lifting devices for material handling we fabricate. Our experienced sales, engineering, and manufacturing staff are available to solve all of your below-the-hook lifting requirements. Our crane team is equipped with sales, structural engineering, CAD drafting, and service for your crane applications. Hoists Direct offers many different types and capacities of lifting beams and spreader beams used in rigging and overhead lifting applications. lifting fixture, spreader bar, basket, multi-leg bridle, etc): add it to the sketch or photo (if not already shown) in the approximate position of where it will be used. I worked with this calculations in several years. 4 for limit states of fracture and connection design. Description: This easy-to-read and comprehensive guide to lifting beams and spreaders contains information extracted from the LEEA guidance - The verification of spreader beams, lifting beams and lifting frames. BELow-thE-hook Lifting dE viCES Spreader bars and other specialized below-the-hook lifting devices must have their working load limit certified by a professional engineer or established by the lifting device manufacturer. See the EDF 096-012 included in the Design Submittal. Analysis and Calculations of Spreader Bar for Coil Handling During SM3 disassembly and VM assembly. RICKER Lifting beams (also known as spreader beams) are used to underside for attachment to the object to be hoisted, thus assist in the hoisting process. Our lifting beam and spreader beam options include adjustable beams, fixed beams, telescope beams, basket sling beams, low headroom beams, fiberglass beams and four Lifting Beam designs can be as simple as one central top lifting point and two no. com Lifting Beams and Spreader Beams. Find the load capacity, minimum and maximum spread and headroom that fits your application. Jun 4, 2002 4, This form is designed to be used as a check list for lift calculations: 33, WEIGHT OF SPREADER BARS: (upper & lower), QTY. We have a variety of beams in stock that are ready for immediate shipment. ** Crane Spreader Beams & Spreader Bars For Sale. Suit for container crane under 40t, which is light, no need for power supply, easy to operate and less investment. 18 Lifting beams, frames and spreaders are usually designed and built for machine or crane spaced so as to match the position of the lifting. Interchangeable Components Tandemloc End Caps are patented and versatile pieces of lifting gear that can be used to create spreaders with a wide range of working load limits. Forum posts that described the version history of a calculation have been migrated as comments on the relevant calculations. Sep 29, 2017 Are you confused about whether to use a spreader beam or a lifting beams are the most popular types of below-the-hook lifting devices, there  Dec 2, 2014 expert has to say about lifting beams, spreader bars, and the design thereof. 20. Lift the hook a bit and pull the close rope in the middle and make sure it is locked, pin to 90°. Our Modulift system allows us to configure the exact spreader bar lengths and capacities to suit your requirements. The spreaders outside dimension = 14 feet wide x 20 feet long - will be used in a boat yard to hall boats out of the water so the initial force required to break loads free from the water should considered. www. Lifting calculation method 3. Hoist rental, spreader bar rental, personnel lifting basket rental, skip pans and rigging equipment rental, Delta has it all. Design and Construction of Lifting Beams DAVID T. This crane boom could reach within TELESCOPING SPREADER BAR Engineering Services Line Card www. Lifting Devices Watch Live Cricket Spreader Bar Beams. They'd just buy one of the shelf. Tel: 01302 367755 for latest prices and quantity discounts! Load Test Design and Equipment Certification. are used for a variety of purposes which can include: Lifting beams design 1. Lifting Beams: Definitions, Differences, and Design While spreader beams and lifting beams are the most popular types of below-the-hook lifting devices, there is a lot of confusion about the differences between the two in terms of how they’re designed and what they’re used for. The lifting classes are described in DIN 15018. You don't really need to design them. They are suspended by a crane from two slings and normally have two to four bottom slings attached for rigging to the load. Verification through calculation. com. bottom lifting points to suit a 2-point lift. A tower crane is a lifting machine that is used to build various buildings and  Aug 29, 2017 I recently saw a post on LinkedIn from a UK based lifting equipment inspector who was unsure of the difference between a lifting beam and a spreader bea. I don't think the contractor will have the spreader bars fabricated including the lifting lugs attached to it. A type of lifting beam made with the intent to spread the lifting slings. What is a lifting and a spreader bar? Lifting beams and spreader bars are commonly confused, however they are two different devices suited to particular applications. " An Overview of ASME BTH-1 (spreader bars and lifting beams) When planning to design lifting beams (or any other below-the-hook lifting devices), there are many aspects that must be considered beyond finding materials that meets a few basic engineering calculations. If the designer is not an engineer who can perform the necessary calculations, the homemade lifting apparatus will need to be proof-tested by a certified away from the free edge for lifting the top half tank and towards the free edge for the bottom half tank. It covers all aspects of the selection, design, manufacture, verification, testing, repair, modification, storage, inspection and safe Sparta's approach to optimizing the spreader bar design (otherwise known as lifting bar or lifting beam) is an iterative process. Spreaders Beams and Lifting Beams are used for a wide range of lifting operations throughout most industrial sectors. Aug 9, 2018 The objective is to perform the design calculations for the lifting beams metal beam, suspended from a hoist/crane or from forks of a forklift, side, the load, the lifting beam or spreader and the slings which connect them  to buy a new Spreader Beam every time, our lightweight design also minimises the overall weight of the lifting equipment and the costs incurred whilst working  Sep 19, 2018 changed the industry of lifting equipment, and made it what it is today. - EA. Spreader Beams vs. Spreader bar design calculation took a while in its designers and engineers. 3 The sea transportation phase for lifted objects and lifting equipment is covered in DNV-OS-H202. 20 and are proof SCCR calculations made easy panel design easier, our experts have designed this toolkit take the work out of SCCR calculations so you can stay focused on the bigger picture. A spreader bar is a forklift attachment that aids in lifting and stabilizing material that has the potential to bend when raised. 5. 4)2+ (9-5)2  Lifting beams, spreaders and frames can be designed for general purpose or as A consideration for any calculations sling which the lifting equipment hooks onto at each end of the spreader beam, which are then connected to the load. LEEA Guidance - The Verification of Spreader Beams and Lifting Beams Published by the LIFTING EQUIPMENT ENGINEERS ASSOCIATION 1. lifting beam design calculations. 0 for limit states of yielding or buckling and 2. A basic lifting beam has a single attachment point or lug centred on the top side of the beam for connecting to a crane, hoist, or other lifting machine. Forum posts concerning XLC have been migrated as comments on XLC (look at the main menu for the first item under XLC Addins). They can be structural mechanical lifting devices, vacuum lifters, magnets, and grapples. Most of our products are available to buy or hire. All Bushman Equipment, Inc. Pull the rope in the middle again, pin back 90° and open the lock, lift the hook, away from the container. a lifting design model, which produces a combined computer analysis. Check it out, and as always you can download this, and many other Excel tools at: www. Calculate the horizontal force (Hf) using the sling geometry. Lifting with both legs at 90° would normally require two lifting devices or a spreader bar. This crane boom could reach within The ASME BTH-1 “Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices” provides two design categories, A and B, and five design classifications, 0 to 4. 4 General recommendations for planning, loads and design of marine operations are given in DNV-OS-H101 and DNV-OS-H102. Below-the-hook lifting devices such as spreader bars and lifting beams must be designed in accordance with ASME BTH-1 and are to be manufactured and used in accordance with requirements of ASME B30. a weight calculation based on measurements of the I-beam's dimensions  6 days ago Lifting beams and spreader bars are are two different devices suited to The heavy duty and rigid design of a lifting beam makes them ideal to  Download full catalogs for lifting & battery lifting beams, coil lifters, gantry cranes, pipe & manhole lifters, barrier grabs, beam/girder clamps, forklift booms, and  Feb 23, 2017 This spreader bar design is to the new ASME BTH-1 “Design of Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices”. The language is unambiguous — "Special designlifting accessoriesshall be marked to indicate safe working loads and shall be proof-tested prior to use to 125 percent of their rated load. We specialise in the design and manufacture of both modular and fixed spreader beams. Lifting Beam Design. For decades, D&S Hoist and Crane has been helping companies of all sizes with their unique overhead material handling demands and challenges. Our smallest 3" models have a working load limit of 7T while our behemoth 32" end caps can form a spreader capable of lifting 3 million pounds! Learn More • Use for 2, 3 or 4 point lifting or as spreader beam (add top rigging) • Fixed spread lifting • Bent bar hooks allow for 2" wide sling eyes From my understanding and based off some rigging drawings I see, spreader bars are bought with capacities. Background: Reuse the existing spreader bar of the Mino project to modified it, to retrofit the . Call 832-342-0200 Suspension Wheel/Wing Energy Management System ; Light Weight Under Wing Floor Stays only at ARCR China Liftng Spreader Beam, Find details about China Liftng Spreader Beam, Lifting Beam from Liftng Spreader Beam - SHANGHAI HAOYO MACHINERY CO. The most common lifting device Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. Design includes complete rigging diagrams and supporting calculations. Hawk Lifting will design and manufacture beams to meet your specific requirements and supply all rigging and attachments. need to calculate the rectangular tube section for an "H" shaped cable spreader bar capable of lifting 25 tons. Hoist UK has a a selection of lifting and spreader beams available including two point centre suspension and four point "H" type lifting beams in fixed and adjustable configurations. Spreader Bar Design Process A To Designing Lifting And. Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices. 2 For sub-sea lifting relevant parts of DNV-OS-H206 shall be considered. sealed drawings and calculation sets like the ones shown below. Our lifting spreader beams and bars allow you to turn a crane hook into a multiple point lifting tool. Calculate the forces for the governing factored design. Lifting factor f is the acceleration factor. The capacity of the sling in this hitch is twice that of the same sling in a vertical hitch, but only if the sling angle of each leg is 90° (see right). Contact us to learn more about our products! Guidelines for Rolls Used in Web Handling Flex Spreader Design Expanding Surface Spreader A powerful spreading device that uses a series of If a below-the-hook lifting device will be used (eg. All below the hook lifting devices are manufactured in accordance with ASME B30. Spreader beams convert lifting loads into compressive forces in the bar and tensile forces in the slings. Lifting beams are required when headroom is limited and restricts the use of overhead rigging. This is not the end the obstacles keep on multiplying when you need to explain all the spreader bar lifting calculations life planning type of crane to be used and other allied factors to the foremen operators and employees. Handle Long And Limber Material Easily & Safely. engineeringsolved. Analyses were made with the force in both directions. Spreader bars are normally made out of pipe and have top and bottom lifting points on opposing ends. A pair of lifting eye assemblies are connected during the lifting operation at each respective end portion of the bar, each forming a connection with an above supporting bridle line and a depending lift line, each of the lifting eye assemblies comprising in part a socket of Lifting Lug subjected to a vertical load. design by using a large number of wires. HulkFit Solid 2-Inch Olympic Super Curl Bar Barbell Weight Lifting Bar, 350-Pound Capacity, 48-Inch (Black)Spreader bars vs. All the fabricating, machining and welding to make a lifting spreader bar for Lifting Beam and Spreader Beam Specifications. Operation: Put thimble and sling onto the hook, and make sure the locks are open. Modulift can advise on the safest type of rig design for a particular application, and check the stability of the load, and can design Lifting Beams and Lifting Frames to suit more complex rigs, below are some examples. All Gunnebo Industries Lifting/Spreader Beams are designed to comply with the. HSDLB Lifting & Spreader Beams Short span lifting beams with capacities from 13 to 149 tons. Does any one have internet links to spreader bar design guides or "Stability of I-beams under self weight lifting" article Austim listed? All the fabricating, machining and welding to make a lifting spreader bar for setting refrigeration units in place. Our 4 point 'H' style lifting beams are made in the UK from steel and painted for indoor or out door use to our customers' specification. Shop all of our rigging and lifting equipment that is available to purchase. Design category A lifts have a design factor Nd of 2. 20 and BTH-1: Design of Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices. 5022TA . rigging designs include high-capacity lift beams, modular spreader bar systems, lift frames, links and hardware to enhance the capabilities of existing equipment. BELOW-THE-HOOK LIFTING DEVICE Engineering Note Cover Page of #MD-ENG-066 Lifting Device Numbers: Analysis and Calculations of Spreader Bar for Coil Handling During STANDARDS FOR TANDEMLOC SLING & BELOW THE HOOK LIFTING DEVICES MANUFACTURING & TEST SPECIFICATION NOTES 1. Aug 30, 2018 Crane lifting beams are a type of below-the-hook device with Lifting beams are usually confused with spreader beams, in terms of purpose and design. Just specify the load they will carry. The invention and the lifting spreader bar design relates to crane construction. org-V Bar Lifting ca: lifting bar. Choose E-Rigging for top quality, durable steel cable hardware and accessories including heavy-duty cable pulleys. Spreader Bar Lifting Device Calculations and Design. In response, a large below-the-hook-lifting devices market has grown supporting projects with some exceptional solutions (see Modulift, Liftmax, Caldwell, Tandemloc ASME B30. BELOW-THE-HOOK LIFTING DEVICE Purchased from a Commercial Lifting Device Manufacturer. We operate nationwide from 2 strategically placed depots via our group companies APP Lifting in Doncaster & London Lifting Gear in Barking. Heavy lifting can be dangerous, and it's crucially important to use the correct lifting equipment at all times when transporting large loads. proceed with the design of lift points using the criteria and procedures described in this section. Special custom design grabs, hooks, clamps, or other lifting accessories, for such no inspection criteria for below-the-hook lifting devices in the OSHA regulations. Engineering Matters - Below the Hook Lifting Devices Below the Hook Lifters are those helpful pieces of equipment that provide a connection point between the crane and the load being lifted. If approximately 5. To better serve our heavy lifting accounts we offer Rental Spreader Bars, 2 through 100 tons, up to 40 feet in length. MODULE 4 - LIFTING AND RIGGING SM 4 1 INTRODUCTION A fire officer on a pumper was once asked why he ordered the pumper engineer to drive the 30,000 pound fire apparatus on a road that had a bridge with a 10,000 load limit. Lifting beams, etc. Interpretation: 20-35 Spreader beams are used in rigging and loading for a variety of construction as well as transportation, They are basically just a very rigid steel section with multiple connection points to attach both the lifter (usually a crane) and the object b A spreader bar assembly provides a rigid elongated support of uniform cross-section (for example, a section of pipe). southwestlifting. com PAge 5 Bullivants’ Commitment to safety, environment, Quality & technical Leadership Bullivants maintains corporate membership to five major Australian/International design weight which can be used in subsequent design Quite often it is desired to modify the existing lifting calculations. Variations in the design of the multi-lift spreader bar evolve over a period of time as requirements and technology change and the demand for a more efficient product is desired. I need to review modifications made in using an extisting spreader bar. Using one of our Modular Spreader Beams enables you to be more flexible over a number of lifts without needing to buy a new Spreader Beam every time, our lightweight design also minimises the overall weight of the lifting equipment and the costs incurred whilst working between the hook and the load. acuportland. Shop online or in store. Modulift Modular Lifting Beams Adjustable spans using inserted struts MOD - Spreader Bar Model CMOD - Spreader Frame Model Capacity: 2 ton - 1600 ton Spans: 1' to 170' Optional top and bottom sling potential Used in applications where load weight distribution needs to be equalized Delta Rigging & Tools offers exceptional service and … Lifting Beams Ready To Ship. Eng. Lifting Beams and Spreaders – Below the hook lifting. spreader bar lifting device calculations and design

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