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Bersa: Thunder 380 CC . 380 Thunder pistols might be a one-piece steel feed ramp which would eliminate this concern entirely. 380 auto. down range with the wife's Thunder 380. Might even prefer it over my kimber micro 9. I also started to have a problem with failing to feed. Of these three handguns, the Argentinian-made Bersa BP9cc was the last one we test fired. The hitman Daniel Craig, David Williams interviews Sir Roger Moore. during the review of this gun without a single miss-feed, failure-to-fire or jam. The (my) thunder is a great little gun and works flawlessly when clean, so far i think. 32acp. The Smith & Wesson M&P 380 Shield EZ is not a pocket pistol and it’s not trying to be one. The Bersa Thunder 380 shoots straight and after going to the range three times has eaten 200 rounds of various ammo without any problems. 380 JHP currently sold is not rated +P. 380 acp vs walther pp/k . I was shooting Winchester 380 auto 95 grain fmj and kept getting jams to the tune of 1 per magazine. It could be a mag problem, but some of the Bersa . On Her Majesty's Room Service, Danny Wallace goes to Jamaica to write Bond's next chapter. I wonder if they use the same springs in the 1911-380 mags they use in the 1911-22. The Thunder 380 is a lightweight, relatively small semi-automatic pistol series chambered in that the vast majority of Thunder 380 users report favorably on that issue. Bersa’s two most popular models of firearms, in the United States at least, are the Thunder . 380 pistols. 380s seem to be really picky about ammo. It’s more in line with the size of the current crop of compact single stack 9mm pistols and even a bit larger than most of those. I love this range because I can go early and have the range to myself. Apparently there was a rough (but visually unnoticable) spot on the underside of the feed lips right about where the crimp on a . I did have some (mag-caused) double feed (jam) issues. If I load 7 rounds in the 9 round magazine I, so far, have not experienced the failure to feed problem. 380 Demo and Review [HD] This Thunder 380 is a lightweight, relatively small semi-automatic pistol chambered in the popular . 380 which as best I can tell bullets were at least 15 yrs. I shot 100 rounds through it. Great little 380, good shooter also has a nice trigger and smooth action. Conceals extremely well, recoil is negligible, eats any ammo I feed it. 300 Whisper, was developed by wel Browse Gallery of 1 1 25 gun pictures, images, photos, GIFs, and videos on imgED. Both of those guns were stolen in a break-in. But I know it is the same gun. Bersa Thunder . 380 today at the gun show for the wife today. 40 cal beretta that made its way as #1 home defense gun. in our continuing quest to discover new products to fill the home defense niche. The Bersa Thunder . 380 and I agree. AAC or . I own 4 hanguns, 2 S&W 3913’s for the winter and 2 Bersa Thunder 380’s for the summer. I found out what the problem was. That obviously did nothing to resolve the problem so I fixed it myself by grinding back the tab that engages the follower after the last round. I loaded 8 rounds into the 7-rd magazines and let 'em sit for a week or so. photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn. . I took apart the mag and cleaned it as well. Bersa has eliminated this problem by slightly lowering and extending the tang on the Thunder 380. I love my bersa 380, it’s a good looking gun, well made, easy to carry and dependable. My standard Thunder 380 has been issue free from the very beginning. . sram guide rsc service kit wood cake stand hobby lobby blackberry dtek 70 voot tv channel sony bravia tv power supply problem msd distributor parts breakdown cavo meaning amd rx 560 drivers judgement tarot combinations bhojpuri movie nagraj download engine coolant diverter current low dhrupad taal theka cooper pharma authentication piano competition 2019 india Originally released in 2015, the Ruger Precision Rifle was designed from the ground up to take the advantages of high-end rifle chassis systems like the MDT TAC-21 and to then bri I have a Bersa Model 383, . It does seem to be a hit or miss proposition though with Bersa guns. Dionisio & Co. 22 LR. 380 ACP INDUSTRIA ARGENTINA stamped near the rear of the mag. If you have done so and entered your login information, change your password immediately, and ensure the email address on your account is correct. Description: BERSA THUNDER 380 7RD NICKEL Manufacturer: Bersa Model #: Thunder 380 Nickel Type: Semi-Automatic Pistol Finish: Nick for sale by Hi Impact Firearms LLC on GunsAmerica - 968420341 And, it’s not hard to understand why they are popular. Walt Rauch's review and rating of the Kahr Arms P380 pistol, including a range report, numerous photos and specs, and user ratings and comments. A local gun shop had them on special for a Save bersa thunder 380 accessories to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. It is a popular recommendation for those wanting a concealed carry pistol due to its combination of pleasant aesthetics, build quality I own 4 hanguns, 2 S&W 3913’s for the winter and 2 Bersa Thunder 380’s for the summer. I've taken it to a gunsmith to see if there is a fix. Second time, I had 2 more magazines and 2 more types of ammo. 380 and have zero complaints. 380 is that update. Once you shoot all the rounds from your Bersa Thunder 380 Plus, there is a good chance you will reach for a spare magazine. Though they’re shaped differently, they fit in the same space. Do not need a death grip, but keep the wrist stiff. Loaded with CorBon rounds, it is my 'social' carry gun. 5″ barrel. Recently members have been receiving an email about confirming their account. 380 flat nosed ammo through a Bersa Thunder and a Sig  Weighing 17. 380 Bersa Thunder Duo-Tone . The Makarov pistol is extremely well thought of in some circles and is noted for exceptional reliability with most types of ammunition. Almost took it back, but had been I have a used Bersa Thunder . This kind of gun accessory will help you to improve your preparedness and grant you that extra feeling of safety in the form of more rounds for your target. by Jeff Quinn. 32ACP, which was quickly corrected by polishing the feed ramp. Today I put another 100 of Remington UMC 95 grain MC through the firearm. 380 caliper. I do not know if I could get used to that part of it or not. Re: Bersa Thunder . I do have a . Lastly, limp wristing. I have well over 1000 rounds through it. The Bersa Thunder is a simple blowback operated handgun chambered in . The Bersa's standard plastic grips have ambidextrous thumb rests, although none of the controls on the Bersa are ambidextrous. I t's versatility not only is there the standard. Bersa Thunder 380 Unbox and Fieldstrip The Bersa thunder 380 is a double action single action so it's got a decocker and it's got a manual safety can be left on you leave safety off that would be recommended if you gonna carry this gun for personal defense. The external dimensions of Bersa Thunder and the Taurus 709 very similar. I also had a Bersa Thunder . Other reviews mentioned zero malfunctions, reliability and a great grip. In 200 rounds I had 19 more FTFs. However, I have a problem in that about every 3rd or 4th round it stovepipes and jams so bad that it is hard to get the clip out to clear the jam. I have owned the Bersa Thunder 380, the CC model, The Sig 232, and the PPK/s. Re: Bersa Thunder 380 Fail to Feed - Solved Probably not fair that I come stumbling into the forum searching for a solution to my problem and possibly get an answer in the first 30 seconds without even asking my questionBUT I'LL TAKE IT! I recently bought a used Bersa Thunder . I had 8 FTF in 100 rounds. It is produced in Argentina and borrows heavily from the earlier Walther PPK in terms of function and styling. I have owned two of them, one in the matte black finish (which was stolen), the other in nickel (which I still have). I've owned a Bersa Thunder 380 for about 5 years now, it's a great pistol. Whereas I found the 709 uncomfortable to shoot, I could plink with the Bersa all day. have been a few issues with the Plus as far as failure to feed the last round, the  Jan 14, 2008 a BERSA THUNDER . 380 that I bought used at a gunshow. *The Corbon . I noticed a slight bit of damage to the botom of the slide where it meets the trigger disconnector. Bersa is a reliable and under rated gun. 380 carry options available. , this Bersa Thunder . The 'blow back' design of the Bersa . I bought a Thunder 380 and a 380CC last year and both had problems right out of the box. 380 ACP, . It now works as it should so i went by my lgs yesterday and got to ff some new bersa guns. I used the gun for awhile and noticed more and more damage showing up. The reviews for the Sig were all positive, but the Bersa Thunder – a much less expensive pistol kept coming up as a well made pistol, that was as capable, if not more so than the Sig. when I load 9 rounds I would estimate in 4 out of 5 times I experience a failure to feed in the last two (eighth or ninth) rounds. All but 3 of the FTF involved the last round in the magazine. 32 acp. 380 Auto model is a slide-lock lever. Now and again, I'll find myself toting a . I was originally planning to pick up a ruger lcp because the shop has them at a very good price. 380. Both have the Bersa logo and CAL. 380 is having frequent feed problems, the round is not lining up proerly into the feed ramp and getting cock-eyed, it could be a magazine problem or maybe the sharp edge on the loading ramp needs a little polish. The Bersa Thunder is the latest incantation of the company's . 380 is more susceptable to limp wristing than locked breech design. December 28th, 2007 I get a lot of email here at Gunblast. 380 ACP and . Sig Sauer is known for their high quality pistols and with the Sig Sauer P938 Rosewood Semi Auto Pistols you can be assured that your personal British GQ James Bond Special. The only problems I've ever had with it were trying to feed flat-nosed FMJs (American Eagle, Winchester White box in the 100 round value packs, etc). 22 rimfire pistol with an aluminum slide and The only problem for me is it is a DAO pistol. Mine is technically not a thunder 380. The reviews on the Bersa were mixed. In 1994 they won a major contract with Argentina when the Bersa Thunder 9 was adopted as the standard issue pistol for the Argentina Armed Forces, Federal Police, and other agencies. One control that is on the Thunder 380 that I have not seen on any other . Bought this gun low miles used. 380 auto is worth big bucks, but that's just me! I have shot the Bersa, it's OK with me on form, fit and function criteria, never have shot the Walther . 40 S&W or . However, I’m including this review with our Pocket Pistol Series because Trump made his visits to Dayton and El Paso all about himSource: NRA NewsPublished on 2019-08-09 One of the most awaited and interesting handgun introductions of 2019 is the Taurus TX22. I've never had any problem FTF or otherwise with the 380. It is a popular recommendation for those wanting a concealed carry pistol due to its combination of pleasant aesthetics, build quality Bersa ships one magazine with the Thunder 380. I can lower the hammer on my bersa with a round chambered and know i can pull the trigger without having to cock the hammer. The Bersa Thunder 380 is recommended for people who are new to guns or are looking for a small but dependable caliber. I have a model 95 Bersa . 45 ACP. That to me is smart money. 380, which I believe is the predecessor to the Thunder. Feed system, Regular: 7, 8, 9, or 10-round single-stack magazine. Just sharing a story. the full size 9 had a rail and nice sights. Compact 9mm. Many said it was a cheap gun, malfunctioned, and heavy with a bad trigger. Intended market As always, Buds was great! Fast shipping, accurate depiction of pistol too. This is a discussion on Problem with new bersa thunder 380 within the Bersa Talk forums, part of the Bersa Forum category; Hello from the great state of Texas! I just recently purchased a new Bersa Thunder 380 and it shot ok on my first trip to The Bersa Thunder is a simple blowback operated handgun chambered in . And it might well be just that, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad! The . Custom Grips For Your Bersa Thunder 380 I picked up a new bersa 380 on Saturday because I liked the feel. would like a reccomendation on a good magazine (if there is one) welcome any comments good or bad on this little CC pistol Re: Bersa Thunder 380 Fail to Feed - Solved Probably not fair that I come stumbling into the forum searching for a solution to my problem and possibly get an answer in the first 30 seconds without even asking my questionBUT I'LL TAKE IT! Picked up a Bersa Thunder . The Thunder 380 is Bersa’s best-selling handgun. 380 is not picky about ammo, even put rounds from a 50 round box of . As you well know, the price of a Magazines for Bersa Thunder 380 Plus. 9 oz. 45 ACP models just to complete the set. It happens with my Bersa OEM mags and a Promag both 7rounds. Update: I tried the trigger on this, and several other small . I have couple of other more pricey 380's lying about and I enjoy shooting them to be sure, but I enjoy the Bersa's just as much. The Bersas which have alloy frames and the Sig alloy version have one thing I really don't like which is that both have aluminum feed ramps. Do not click the link. 380 acp I would go with the Bersa, just on account that no . These are some of the best . 32 ACP, or . 380acp (for me) fit the bill perfectly. But gets dirty fast and this can cause stove pipe FTF (failure to feed). The only problem I has was FTF on the . Have fired approximately 150 rounds from it. The lips of the magazine should stop the cartridge from going up whether the slide is moving at full speed or being slowly pulled back by hand. This is some older It did not ding or gouge the frame portion of the feed ramp and ejection was  Sep 9, 2018 I hope my experience is not an indicator of a chronic problem with this gun, however Your going to want it to feed hollow points. 38 LCR 5 round hollow point (point & shoot for I think a really good change that Bersa could make with their lightweight . 380 for Everyday Carry One issue with the Bersa is it only comes with one magazine when  Dec 20, 2008 Bersa Thunder… The Bersa had no problems with the Corbon DPX. I have heard more issues with the 380 CC model than the standard Thunder 380. 380 ACP pistol and is quickly gaining strong support among shooters as well. I just bought a new Bersa Thunder . I love the looks and feel of this gun. I know it might be heresy around here, but I bought a Bersa Thunder 380 Concealed Carry model recently. The Thunder 380 is intended for general civilian use. 380 Combat. When we started shooting we had immediate issues with FTF/jamming. I took my new Bersa Thunder 380 Concealed Carry to the range yesterday with disappointing results. 45's and the dang thing never really ran right. The things work and they don’t cost much. 380 over xmas and I'm having some "issues" the living crap out of it to prevent feed jams and any HOPE of accuracy,  Jul 1, 2017 I call the Bersa Thunder 380 an underdog because this little gun has fought so hard First, I would like to address the issue of the pistol's caliber. Mar 11, 2013 A long time ago I had feed problems with my Bersa Thunder 380 and it was caused by non Bersa magazines. It is known for its light weight and extremely compact size, making it a great candidate for concealed carry. My Kimber will only fire if i re-cock the hammer. This is a discussion on Compact 9mm within the Ruger Pistols forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Won't eject fired round and next round comes up and jams, using Winchester white box. First time out I only had the one mag that came with the gun. 380 thunder and a full size 9 that seemed like a 92 Beretta copy. That thing jamed up about as many times as it went bang. If yours likes the Remington, continue with it for a while, then check the American Eagle again. 380 Review: Will It Be Your First Buy? Just about every gun owner remembers the first handgun they ever bought and mine was the Bersa Thunder . I was very disappointed in it. 380 is, where the rim was getting hung up enough to make it do that. THUNDER VS PPKS. Problem with new bersa thunder 380. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I have shot one in 9mm. The concealable, lightweight Bersa Thunder 380 specs come with features that any gun owner would like to have in their concealed weapon. anybody own any of these? I will be hanging on to this little popper just like my Thunder. Bersa 380 Thunder jamming on last round Has anyone had a problem with the last round jamming/ not feeding into chamber. This really ticked me off after reading all of the "Owned several Bersas for years and never had a problem" posts, and lead me to the conclusion that Bersa has dropped the ball on quality control recently. 380 as opposed to 9mm it has less recoil. 380 ACP caliber. The WWB & S&B get the most complaints, but a few have problems with other brands until well broken in. This is a discussion on Problem with new bersa thunder 380 within the . From end to end, the pistol measures 6. I love my Bersa . Of course, there are probably a hundred other options out there, and dozens of those could make this list, but these are the guns that have been tested and proven to be the best of the best and to function reliably in a defensive situation. We are in California, so there was the usual 10-day wait. 380 for my girlfriend. I bought this Bersa Firestorm 380 brand new awhile back and I put about . Re: Bersa Thunder 380 Fail to Feed - Solved I don't think that a slow slide speed is a likely source of this problem. 380, Bersa said yes and for a cheap-o gun, it's not really that bad. 380 ACP, 9mm Luger, . Thanks MKCOL for your feed back. I liked this so much I next got the Thunder 9mm UC. Best . First off. The simplest and one of the most useful part upgrade for your Bersa Thunder 380 is a sight upgrade. This handgun is perfect for anyone looking to buy their first concealed weapon on a budget. He brought the Walther PPKS and I brought my wife's Bersa 380 Thunder. 380 ACP Carry Guns. Now, that was a sweet shooting pistol. I have a used Bersa Thunder . 380 Auto Pistol Revisited . Seems like the rounds are getting caught on the barrel where it meets the feed ramp. i was blown away with the triggers!they were so nice,even for a 350 dollar gun!the thunder was 310 bucks and the full size 9 was 365. Small, light, accurate and reliable, the Bersa Thunder 380 CC is an excellent choice for concealed carry that may not receive the recognition or attention of models produced by larger companies The dirtiest gun I have ever cleaned was my brand new Bersa Thunder 380. From range time to loaded in my house. com. My first was the Thunder 380. Have had the Bersa Thunder Combat Plus for a few months now and have finally gotten 500 rounds run through it, WITHOUT CLEANING AFTER THE INITIAL CLEANING AFTER PURCHASE, and felt it was time to give some feedback on how well she is performing. B. It had one of the best triggers that I have ever felt, and was very accurate as well. Bersa Firestorm. com, both from the "ASK JEFF" and "FEEDBACK" sections. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Bianchi #100 Professional IWB, Tan, Right Hand, SZ9, Beretta M84B Cheeta, Bersa Thunder 380, Diamondback DB9, DB40, SIG P230, P232, Walther PP, PPK, PPK/s at Amazon. Shoots great no issues, my only complaint it is is little big to put in your pants pocket. They sent it back to me with a polished feed ramp. 63″ and has a 3. I still have a PPK/s, which is not to argue it is "best". The Bersa Firestorm . The Bersa is slightly heavier and shooting . Everyday, I answer in excess of 100 reader emails, covering every conceivable gun topic. Although this is not a specialised article about it, the basis stays the same - there are numerous options and the best place to find them is here. While checking the Cheaper Than Dirt catalog and web site, I found a magazine listed for the Bersa Model 383 that would fit the Thunder 380. Jun 15, 2014 PLEASE NOTE - This post provides a solution to the known FTF (Fail to Feed) Stovepipe issue some Bersa Thunder 380 owners experience. After a great deal of research I decided to get a Sig 232 in . I don't shoot much of it, just enough to verify functioning and occasionally run a full mag through to stay familiar with the recoil. A youngster biker buddy of mine owns a Walther PPKS and I invited him to go shooting at my favorite outdoor range. For the price of one S&W 3913 (If you can find one) you can purchase two Bersa Thunder 380’s. But I have never had any problems with feeding on either of my Bersa's. That said, home carry gun is a Ruger . they had a . + Why the Skyfall star has turned James Bond 007 into the sharpest 'blunt instrument' yet (according to his boss, Dame Judi Dench). Yesturday I took her to the range just to blow through a box. Feb 27, 2019 Why You Should Consider the Bersa Thunder . In a world of polymer gats that serve every possible role, the idea of choosing something heavy and made of steel might seem…old-timey. Okay spoiler alert. 380 and Bersa Thunder . I don't know what that shipping preservative is, but it took a lot of work to get it clean. At this time, additional Thunder 380 7-round magazines are difficult to find. It is much like many previous Bersa models, DA/SA semiautos which take their cues from the Walther PPK. 380 and Firestorm . Recently purchased the Bersa 9 Round extended magazine. 380 is by far the most accurate gun I have reviewed in a I had one of their mini . Read below to learn more about the specs All in all, I found it to be some good stout ammo, and the Bersa Thunder 380 fired it without problems. A light variant of the Thunder 380, called the 'Concealed Carry' model (or 380CC), and a 15-round capable "Bersa Thunder 380 plus" were released by Bersa in the United States, and variants 'Firestorm 380' and 'Firestorm 22' are sold by Firestorm SGS of New Jersey; assembled from parts manufactured by Bersa. I've fired 300 rounds through my new Bersa Thunder 380 and had 27 FTF. I do think the Bersa is an extremely good pistol for the money spent and one that will hold up fine for the vast majority of shooters. Maybe I was lucky to get an unusual example, but the only time I had reliability problems with it were some examples of failure to feed with an 'aftermarket' spare magazine. That solved my feeding problem forever and it has been a totally  Mar 17, 2011 I bought it because several people I know had Bersa 380's (not the cc Failed to feed about 15 times out of 125 rounds, and accuracy is ok at  This is a factory 15-round magazine for Bersa Thunder 380 Plus pistols in . Jan 15, 2011 Walt Rauch's review of & rating for the Bersa Thunder 380, including a Handgun review photo: Left-side photo of Bersa Thunder 380, black . And you can pick one up in your favorite caliber — . All of my pistols are DA/SA, I have never owned a DAO pistol. Musta done somethig because feed problems stopped and that "Saturday night special" Bersa runs fine. Bersa Thunder in . I have shot the Freedom Munitions . The latter will be the focus of this blog post. If you suspect that could be the problem, shoot from a rest & see if the feed problems go away. 380 ACP Crafted from lightweight did not solve feed problem will try other mags. Sig Sauer Series: P938 Model: P938 . Bersea is single and double action and Kimber is not. If I only got one of them back, I would rather it be the Bersa. In the case of the Bersa Thunder 380, a substantial number of . Bersa . Bersa Thunder 380 Jamming Problems. + Bersa Thunder 380 Left Paddle Bersa Thunder/Firestorm 380 Gun Bersa Thunder . Concealed Carry: 8-round single-stack magazine. 380 and the Thunder . This is from Argentina. The Home Defense Journal (HDJ) editorial staff was given an opportunity to evaluate three pistols from the extensive product line of P. The TX22 is a polymer-frame, striker-fired, . They feel pretty light right out of the box and I'm not sure what their service life is going to be, but I'll bet it's short. 380 ACP pistol, either as a backup or by itself when nothing more can be had. Plus: 15-round double-stack magazine. 380 is a fine gun with very light recoil. For me this gun will hopefully be an enjoyable plinker, as I was sitting on a good many . I have a feeling that in addition to the spacing of the feed lips (now that I know what they are), mag springs are going to be an issue. I got several new magazines from  Feb 26, 2017 I just recently purchased a new Bersa Thunder 380 and it shot ok on my first trip to the range;however, on my. Very happy with my bersa thunder 380. Comparison: 9x18mm Makarov & . It would be nice to have night sight options, but other than that I'm more than happy with it. Love it! I have several Bersa's including the CC, the Thunder . Not a scientific comparison. Steve H 20 failures to feed, fire or extract. Problem with new Bersa Thunder . , Inc. I will tell you the only problem I had with it was after not rotating magazines the springs became weak causing failure to feed properly. The 9mm only presented a problem last week with a delayed hammer fall; I would pull the trigger, the hammer cocked then fell about a second later. I sent back my top 380 explaining that the lock back feature engaged many times before the mag was empty. Got it home, cleaned it and lubed it up before taking it for a little fun time. DO NOT polish the feed ramp - the Bersa armorer on bersa forums specifically warns against it. I pulled up the Bersa website and contacted some warranty repair locations. The original cartridge, . My Bersa Thunder . It was my first carry gun because it was small and has been reliable. 32 auto rounds these last few years and had nothing to fire them in. old from my Dad’s estate. Star Wars Planet Name Generator. Plus! If Bond were a woman. The trigger on all are horrible, with the exception of the newest Ruger . 380 ACP Concealed Carry Pistol for sale at Sportsman's Item Number: THUN380MLTCC; /; View More Items by Bersa; /; Condition: NEW . Heck, I’ll probably wind up picking up the . 380 Discussion Even though SAMMI says there's no +P for . Also my model 95 is 7 years old and I still keep it in active condition. 300 blackout takes two essential forms: supersonic and subsonic. I'm new to this site but have carried Bersa for several years. 380 ACP Pistol is lightweight and compact. However, all reviewers mentioned the accuracy of the Bersa Thunder . bersa thunder 380 feed problem

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